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Bachus & Schankers Builds for Habitat for Humanity

On a hot sunny Friday, nine of us from the law firm of Bachus & Schanker put aside our normal work dress attire for work jeans, hard hats and our signature lime green t-shirts to volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity build in Denver, Colorado.

We all have busy schedules and more than one of was stressed out about being out of the office for entire day with deadlines looming and who knows what’s happening to our in-boxes. But knowing that our hard work was helping a deserving family step closer to owning their own home made every hot, sweaty moment worthwhile.

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Back to School Safety Tips

It’s back to school time for Colorado kids. Bachus & Schanker, LLC would like to ensure that you and your kids practice the following back to school health and safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics to keep our children safe as they return to their classrooms.

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Colorado Funding for DUI Enforcement Safe for Now

Fortunately for the state of Colorado, Governor Ritter decided to scrap his recent plan to stop funding for drunk driving crackdowns. As part of his original budget cutting plan, Ritter proposed to take more than 1.3 million dollars away from the program that funds the overtime pay for police officers that man the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) patrols such as “The Heat is On”.

On the chopping block was the Law Enforcement Assistant Fund (LEAF) which is funded by the fees paid by those arrested for alcohol-related offences. Of the ninety dollar fee, about one-third goes to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to fund grants for DUI enforcement. In 2009 about 1.4 millions dollars was on hand for 56 different police and sheriff departments throughout Colorado.

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Colorado Teen Rides in Courage Classic to Benefit Children’s Hospital – Day Four

It took a while but I finally made it up Fremont pass elevation 11,318 ft (highest pass of the ride). It was killer. My thighs hurt so bad after that and every little hill afterword seemed much harder, longer and steeper than it really was. The downhill parts were definitely nice. It gave me time to relax a little bit.

Today was the first day I finished the ride. It definitely boosted my self confidence a bunch. The last five miles I could not wipe the smile off my face. I was so thrilled to finish the last 33 miles.

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Colorado Teen Rides in Courage Classic to Benefit Children’s Hospital – Day Three

Today I started out strong. Well it was downhill, the easy part. We left at 7:00 a.m. and got to lunch at 9:45 a.m. We made good time. It was however all downhill with little to no peddling involved.

It was 36 miles to lunch and I made it the whole way. The last 18 I could not do because my butt is so bruised it hurts to sit on the bike seat. I was in tears riding into lunch because I was in so much pain. I am still extremely proud of the amount of riding I have been able to do.

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Colorado Teen Rides in Courage Classic to Benefit Children’s Hospital – Day One

We arrived at our condo yesterday evening. The bed I slept in was extremely uncomfortable. My back is killing me today. We are waiting to check in and for the rest of our family to join us up here.

I am riding in the 157 mile Courage Classic benefiting the Children’s Hospital because they have been extremely helpful through all the problems I have had. When I was four years old I had to have decompression surgery for Arnold-Chiari Malformation.

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Bachus & Schanker Bowls for Dolls for Daughters

On July 18th, 2009 I joined my husband and co-workers, Sammer and Kristian for the First Annual Dolls for Daughters Bowl-A-Thon. The Bowl-A-Thon took place at Elitch Lanes Bowling Alley. Others from Bachus and Schanker, including partners Kyle Bachus and Darin Schanker joined my team Turkey’s All Around for a day of bowling.

I must say I was a little nervous when Jessica Bachus, founder of the Dolls for Daughters foundation came into one of our staff meetings a few months back. She said bowl-a-thon and I must say when she first said it; I was hesitant to sign up because I am not a good bowler. When Jessica explained that the bowl-a-thon wasn’t about how many strikes you made, it was about the money you raised I knew that I could sign up and not be embarrassed.

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Bachus & Schanker Supports Dolls for Daughters Tea Party

I am writing to share a little bit of what Bachus and Schanker does outside of the walls of 1600 16th Street, Suite 450 in Denver, Colorado. Bachus and Schanker is so much more than your average personal injury law firm. It is a law firm that cares about giving back to its community. This summer Bachus and Schanker and its employees have had the opportunity to join together and support our community. I am one of the lucky employees here at Bachus and Schanker and I have had the privilege to help out at many of those events.

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Boulder Teen hopes Third Time’s a Charm for Kidney Transplant

Kelsey Crider has been battling kidney disease ever since graduating from high school when a routine pre-college health exam revealed Kelsey was suffering from medullary cystic kidney disease. While she had no symptoms at the time, this life threatening disease causes the kidneys to gradually shut down.

While Kelsey has been fortunate in that she has had two previous transplants, first from her father and then from a family friend, both failed due to Kelsey’s antibody sensitivity.

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Dangerous Summertime Toys

It’s summertime, a kid’s favorite time of year. They have all day for fun and outdoor activities. And how many times have we, as parents said, “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt?” But, what if the toys, we as well-meaning adults are giving our children are unsafe.

Some of their favorite toys, like the Marshmallow Blaster, Aqua Bomb, Toypedo and the HydraPak all made World Against Toys Causing Harm’s (W.A.T.C.H.) 2009 list of unsafe summertime toys.

W.A.T.C.H. held its annual “Safe Fun in the Sun” conference recently to increase awareness about the every day dangers that our children face in their every day outdoor activities. W.A.T.C.H. is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about life-threatening toys and other children’s products, including children’s furniture, clothing and playground equipment.

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