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Bachus & Schanker, LLC Client Review – Pedestrian Accident Case

Video Transcription
My dog and I were on our morning walk and we were crossing in a cross walk, when the traffic stopped and a car that was stopped across the way didn’t see us and hit my dog and I in the cross walk. It was a very unique experience it was something I would have never thought could happen. I went to the chiropractor and got checked out and tried to work with the insurance company. They were just impossible to work with, in fact they even told me that I could buy a new dog for $500 so they didn’t want to pay for her medical bills. It was really stressful situation, when you are going through that. You’re hurt and your dog is hurt and you are trying to figure out who is going to pay the bills and what to do with everything. After meeting with Maaren, I just felt comfortable with her and thought it was a good fit. It’s not worth the headache, it’s worth it to get somebody who knows what they are doing and can negotiate on your behalf. I just feel like they went the extra mile. Maaren and Kelly were both very on-top of things. Kelly followed up great, and keep me in the know of what was going on and they were just very nice to work with. I was blessed to work with them.

Bachus and Schanker Reviews – Pedestrian Accident

Seven Defining American Court Cases

The American people have a vested interest in their legal system. Many suits and their outcomes have defined American policy and even ideals for generations. Of those same suits, a number have garnered significant media attention and have entered the public conscious as household terms.

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The United States of Amusing-Laws-Ica

The United States of America was founded on some core principles that embodied the idyllic spirit of freedom, prosperity, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Of course, as we all know, for better or worse, a few things have changed since then.

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Car Accident Scams

How to identify the scoundrels and how to protect yourself

Car accidents are expensive, but if you happen to be a victim of a car accident scam-you may end up with a costly insurance claim that costs you a bundle. Here are some ways folks who deal in car accident insurance scams not only rip off innocent victims; but also endanger the lives of innocent drivers and those in the vehicle with them (i.e., our spouse, children, and friends).

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Proposed “Driving While Stoned”

Colorado is in the middle of a drug war. This past November, the continued legal operation of medical marijuana was on ballots across the state. In the minds of many Coloradoans, complete legalization isn’t too far behind, and some proponents are preparing a campaign to pursue that in 2012. As a result of continued debate over legalizing marijuana — medical and otherwise — and the effects it has on the body, a state lawmaker is now proposing legislation that would implement “driving while stoned” limitations.

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What To Do If You Encounter a Mountain Lion

It’s rare, but it does happen. People in Colorado sometimes encounter mountain lions, also known as cougars, pumas, and panthers. Most escape unharmed, some end up injured, and unfortunately, a few people have been killed. Humans are not preferred prey for mountain lions. They usually hunt deer. But when conditions are right, mountain lions will sometimes attack people. It occurs most often when people are camping or hiking in areas populated by mountain lions, but as cities continue to encroach on the animals’ habitat, the possibility of mountain lion-human encounters increases. Whether it’s in the wild or in your neighborhood, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe if you ever find yourself facing down a hungry cougar.

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Emergency Preparedness

Since September 6, 2010, more than 6,100 acres in Fourmile Canyon, outside Boulder, have been charred in a wildfire. At least 166 homes have been destroyed, and several other non-residential structures have burned to the ground. A second wildfire started near Loveland on September 12, and approximately 710 acres have already been lost in that one. Events like this remind us of the awesome power of nature, and our inability to control it, try as we might. No matter what precautions we take or how careful we are, there is still only so much we can do to avoid disaster like these tragic fires. In fact, the Fourmile Canyon fire illustrates that point perfectly — because it was started by a 20-year veteran of the Fourmile Fire Department.

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Back to School Safety Tips for High School Kids

Once kids make it to high school, parents may relax a bit about sending them off to school by themselves. They’re older, bigger, and learning more responsibility for themselves. This doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a few reminders about safety, though. They’re still kids, and teenagers, even though they’re more mature than middle schoolers, can sometimes be irresponsible and even reckless. Some back to school safety tips apply no matter what your child’s age, but there are some things that only apply to high schoolers. Sitting your teenager down for a talk about safety can help make the school year easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

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Shari Willis Uses Personal Experience to Help Clients

The best attorney is one who can empathize with a client, and make that person feel as though they’re truly understood and supported. Shari Willis is one such attorney, and we’re proud to have her on board at Bachus & Schanker. In addition to her outstanding legal work, Shari is a tireless supporter of charities close to her heart. She fights for her clients, not only because they’ve been wronged, but as a result of her own personal experience.

Shari specializes in complex medical negligence (malpractice), catastrophic birth injuries, and birth trauma. She is able to relate especially well to parents whose infants suffer injury and trauma at birth. Her own daughter, Katlyn, passed away in 1996 at just seven months of age after being born with severe disabilities, and contracting a respiratory infection.

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Summer Camp Safety

One of the most nerve-wracking things a parent can do is send their children away to summer camp. It’s relinquishing a certain amount of control which can be difficult for any parent, but especially for parents of younger children. To put your mind at ease, look for certain features of the camp that will help ensure your child’s safety.

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