Bachus & Schanker LLC Reviews

Video Transcription
I was in Commerce City and I was on my way to get gas, I had detoured and instead of going to get my son, my adult handicapped son, I detoured and went and got gas first or tried to go get gas. I was waiting at a traffic light, a red light, and a car hit me from behind, while I was waiting at the red light. I was kind of maybe unconscious for a period of time, I don’t even know, really only remember, like the ambulance guy showing up. I remember just being in a lot of pain. I remember just being confused and kind of scared. My sister had her accident, she went to the hospital and told me to call she had seen it on T.V. Bachus and Schanker, so I just went ahead and went with that. I don’t really understand the insurance and how they work and you don’t understand a lot about all the procedures that go on so it’s better to have somebody who has that knowledge. I already gave them two different people’s number (referrals) I don’t know if they have done anything with it. It’s easy to remember and a good firm too so I have a good, I’m not just giving them to anybody. Thank you for helping me out, it’s been a rough, rough road. So just thank them for taking care of it all for me.

Bachus & Schanker Reviews