Bachus and Schanker Client Review – Alferda Aguirre

Video Transcription
We were going down Mississippi, we were going down West and the corner of Mississippi and Cody, they ran a stop sign and we hit her. It was like slow motion and yet it happened real fast. I couldn’t really tell you what I was thinking after the accident, I blanked out for a while and the paramedics and fire department had me already in a gurney, I guess you would say. They took me to the hospital and when I got there I kept saying “How were my kids?” I wanted to know how everybody was. Turns out the seatbelt broke and I hit the windshield and hit the dash with my knee and I had black eyes for almost two months. They didn’t notice very much on my knee until a little later, I was limping really bad. It turned out, I don’t know what was in there, they had operated to fix. My son-in-law recommended the company (Bachus & Schanker) They said his friend was real satisfied (with Bachus & Schanker) and they told him and I never, I wouldn’t have known who to call I have to tell you the truth, I would have talked to my insurance agent or something. I wouldn’t have known anybody to call. You have to be kinda crazy or actually really smart to handle it yourself. You always should have somebody to talk to to represent you. Even if you were smart enough you need an attorney’s back up, I should say. They called me when they said they were going to call me, called me if they didn’t have to call me, let me know everything that was going on. Met them (Bachus & Schanker) in December and within a few months my case was settled. I appreciate it. Everything they did for me. Don’t go with anybody else.

Bachus and Schanker Client Review – Alferda Aguirren